Office of The Governor

The governor serves as the county’s chief executive, responsible for leading the county government, representing it in national and international affairs, and ensuring the implementation of plans and policies for the county’s development and well-being.


To provide effective County services and an enabling environment for inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development and improved livelihoods for all


To be a prosperous County with vibrant rural and urban economies whose people enjoy high quality of life.

Our Governor

“As your Governor, I am committed to providing effective leadership, strategic vision and direction and to ensure efficient and prudent management of resources, inclusive service delivery, equitable development and investments attraction for improved livelihoods and a high quality of life for the people of Kitui County”.

H.E. Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, EGH

Governor, Kitui County.

My Responsibilities

In performing the functions specified by the constitution, the governor shall:

  • provide leadership in the county’s governance and development
  • provide leadership to the county executive committee and administration based on the county policies and plans
  • promote democracy, good governance, unity and cohesion within the county;
  • promote peace and order within the county
  • promote the competitiveness of the county
  • be accountable for the management and use of the county resources
  • promote and facilitate citizen participation in the development of policies and plans, and delivery of services in the county.


Increase in Bursary funds

In 2018, the number of students who benefited from bursaries due to their financial need was 59,300. At the end of the plan period, the number of supported students reached 92,300 out of the targeted 111,000. This success can be attributed to the implementation of pro-poor programs initiated by the county government.

Equipping Village Polytechnics

The County was able to equip 6,000 village polytechnics during the planned period, exceeding their target of 3,000. This achievement was attributed to the increased demand and uptake of vocational skills by the residents and youth, who sought to acquire basic skills under the CLIDP program.

Additional classrooms

To improve the learning environment for Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) learners, the County initiated the construction of 36 new classrooms through the pro-poor program, which was part of the County Integrated Development Plan (CLIDP).

Small dam construction & maintenance

The County embarked on a massive dam construction project and successfully constructed 88,000 earth dams in all 40 wards, exceeding the initial target of 6,500. This achievement was attributed to the County’s commitment to prioritize water and food security as a crucial pillar of the County’s development agenda, as outlined in the CLIDP programs.

Overall, the county has made progress in some areas, while others are still below the set targets due to various challenges, including inadequate funding, Covid 19 effects, and delayed disbursement of funds.

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